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This shows the SVR platforms looking towards Bridgnorth. The signal box in the distance was erected in 1923 to replace two older boxes: Buildwas Junction SB, and Buildwas Station SB, the latter stood at the end of the platform from where the photo was taken. On the other platform can be seen the 'Platform Cabin' which housed two electric staff instruments, one for the Buildwas-Much Wenlock section, the other for the Buildwas-Cressage section (in the Shrewsbury direction). These single line instruments were released from Buildwas Signal Box, so as to save the signalman having to walk to and from the station with the train staffs when trains were crossing. The Cressage ETS instrument was replaced with a key token machine in the 'fifties.
The signal box was extended in 1930/1 when the layout was altered to deal with trains to and from Buildwas Power Station which was built about that time. A train of power station coal wagons can be seen on one of the two goods loop lines behind the signal box. The 'box closed in 1964, and the nameplate is in the collections of the Chacewater Railway.

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14 Jul 1962
Ref: 8-44-4
Buildwas Junction - Severn Valley platform Looking towards Bridgnorth