Glass Negatives - Various Subjects

This section contains images produced from glass negatives. They date from around the 1920s. It is believed that they were officially produced by the Railway Companies. Some are, unfortunately, cracked but a process is in hand to rectify the damaged images. The improved images will appear as they are completed. Copies of these images are available for purchase but due to the costs involved there is an extra charge of £2 per images (please see the Order Form).

 Ref Description
image GN-001LBSCR Loco 464 'EPSOM' + GD - Driver Gong
image GN-002Group of early disc signals - Eastleigh
image GN-003Charing Cross Signalbox 1867 from ground
image GN-004Brighton Yard Stilt Signalbox Exterior 1870
image GN-005Brighton Yard Signalbox Interior + Signalman 1870
image GN-006Clapham Junction East Signalbox (Later A)
image GN-007Pouparts Junction Up Home Signal Gantry and Catenary 1/11/1927
image GN-008Clapham Junction E Box D Windsor Starting Repeaters 6/12/1927
image GN-009Clapham Junction C Box on Local Starting Repeaters 10/12/27
image GN-010Clapham Junction B Up WLE Starting Repeater
image GN-011Clapham Junction C Down WLE Starting Signals (Sykes Pattern)
image GN-012Crawley Signalbox and Crossing Gates
image GN-013Crawley Crossing Gates closed and street
image GN-014Crawley Gate Wheel and levers
image GN-015Crawley (Horsham Road) Crossing Box and Gates
image GN-016Ifield Crossing Box, Halt and Gates
image GN-017Crossing Gates,unknown location
image GN-018Occupation Crossing Gate, Crawley - Three Bridges
image GN-019Wimblehurst Crossing and Gates, Near Horsham
image GN-020Cray Lane (Pulborough) Box and Gates (aerial) Looking South
image GN-021Chichester East and Basin Road Crossings 27/4/1924
image GN-022LSWR Box and Lattice Footbridge, Mount Pleasant Crossing, Southampton
image GN-023Lines Brothers Ground Frame, Merton Abbey showing Lock and Block instrument in cabinet
image GN-024Similar to 23, showing man opersting instrument and signalbox nameboard
image GN-025Christs Hospital North Guildford Line Ground Frame
image GN-026Forest Hill Ground Frame and Indicator
image GN-027Southwater, Signal Levers and Annetts key Lock and Key 18/10/1923
image GN-028Deptford Lift Bridge, push-pull lever 12 for release of 2 Annett's keys
image GN-029Clokes Siding, between Deptford Lift Bridge and Deptford Wharf. 2 Levers and Annetts Key and Lock
image GN-030Billingshurst Ground Frame
image GN-031Addiscombe, Signal Levers and 4 Plungers
image GN-032Addiscombe, Signal Levers and 4 Plungers. Signalman's foot on Plunger
image GN-033Budleigh Salterton LSWR Box and T.Bevan signalman holding tablet 13/8/1923
image GN-035Herne Hill (LCDR) South Overhead Signalbox and signals
image GN-036Ground Mounted Banner Repeater
image GN-037Home and Distant Banner Repeaters, Lattice Post
image GN-038Purley Oaks Up Local Starting signal, co-acting arm and banner Warning signal
image GN-039Purley Oaks Up Local Starting signal, co-acting arm and banner Warning signal. Co-acting Arms Off
image GN-040LBSCR Peasmarsh Junction Outer Home before bringing into use 26/12/1922
image GN-041Burgess Hill Down Outer Home and Up Staring signals both with co-acting arms, and Down Inner Home Banner repeater, all showing Off. Keymer Junction Up Main Distant and co-acting arm showing On.
image GN-042Burgess Hill, as GN041 but looking in opposite direction and with all signals On
image GN-043GNR Somersaults and Annetts Indicator, Hertford North
image GN-044Nunhead Up Lewisham Signal and Sighting Patch
image GN-0453 Position Upper Quadrant Distant Signal and 3rd rail
image GN-046Upper Quadrant Distant on LSWR Lattice Post showing Off
image GN-04711 chains west of Petworth LBSCR Down Advance and Up Home on same post shwing Off
image GN-048Evercreech Junction Bow-Tie Bracket Signal
image GN-049From carriage sidings looking towards Exeter Central. LSWR Bow-Tie Lattice Post Signal
image GN-050Bothways Lattice Post Stop Shunt Signal, Herne Hill Sorting Sidings
image GN-051Bothways Lattice Post Stop Shunt Signal, Faversham Goods
image GN-0523 armed Shunt Signal New Cross East London Up Junction
image GN-053Pulborough (looking north from box) Trap Points and Signals 1/1/1923
image GN-054Adversane Down Distant Signal with arm removed (Coligny Welch Lamp)
image GN-055East Dulwich Down Home and Up Starting Signals
image GN-056Dorking (LBSCR) Down Starting signal, with later SR Shunt Ahead arm added
image GN-057LSWR Up and Down Lattice Signals
image GN-058Purley North Down Main Home signals and Stop Shunt arm
image GN-059Upper Quadrant Distant Signal on Lattice Bracket
image GN-0603 arm LBSCR Bracket and CW Lamps, Stewarts lane
image GN-061Streatham Hill Down Main and Bay Home Signals and catenary
image GN-062SR Rail Built Signals, Off, Waddon Marsh
image GN-063Caledonian Avalanche Signals, unknown location
image GN-064Lewes West Down Outer Home signals with Rule 55 diamonds (for Sykes L&B in this case, no track circuits)
image GN-065Hurst Green Junction and Down Home Signals
image GN-066Denmark Hill Up to City Starting Signals and Cambria Junction Up Distants - all restricted clearance lower quadrant signals
image GN-067GWR 4 Doll Gantry and Box, Battersea (West London Line). Up starter with Latchmere Junction distants below
image GN-068Similar to 67, and Coligny Welch Lamp. Latchmere Junction Up Home signals
image GN-069GWR Wrong Road Signals and Annetts Indicators
image GN-070Hook LSWR Up Home Gantry (pneumatic) 9/11/1927
image GN-071Norwood Junction North Down Homes Gantry
image GN-072Northam Junction Down Home signal gantry
image GN-073Waterloo A Up Main Home Gantry and Annetts Indicators
image GN-074Signal Gantry near Waterloo and 'A' Box
image GN-075South Croydon Down Home Signals and Fog Repeaters
image GN-076Bricklayers Arms Junction Up Home Signal Gantry 25/4/1926
image GN-077London Bridge Nos 1 & 2 platforms Down Starting signals, vertical multiple aspect heads with projection route indicators. In the background No 3 platform Down Starting signals with cluster heads
image GN-078Movable 'Limit of Shunt' Disc, Horsham 21/6/1925
image GN-079LBSCR Ground Disc Signal
image GN-080LSWR Ground Signal and Enamel 'Hand'. Waterloo, Windsor side
image GN-081SR Disc Signal and Clock at Goods Yard. Northam Goods Yard, Southampton. (Northam Road bridge in background).
image GN-082LSWR Fog Repeaters and LSWR Ground Frame.
image GN-083Trap Points and Signal, unknown location
image GN-084Catch Points, Automatic Protecting South Croydon Junction from Down Oxted Line
image GN-085Bodmin North. Trap Points on Interlaced Track, Single Line
image GN-086Diamond Double Slip, Polegate East, Set from Eastbourne
image GN-087Similar to 86, Distant
image GN-088Closeup of Swing Nose Crossover
image GN-089Swing Nose Crossover, Windmill Bridge Junction set Up Line to London Bridge
image GN-090Norwood Fork Junction Down Local facing points and locking bar, set for West Croydon or Selhurst direction, straight ahead route is to East Croydon. Main lines at lower level on left
image GN-091Points, Fouling Bar and part of North Signalbox, Victoria
image GN-092Steam Loco at Victoria and EFB Sign
image GN-093Impedance Bonds in Tunnel
image GN-094Track Circuit to Rail Connection
image GN-095Tunnel Mouth and interlaced Track and temporary Narrow Gauge Line
image GN-096Same as GN095 but with just interlaced standard gauge track
image GN-097Tunnel Mouth, double track
image GN-098Push to Release Brass Plunger
image GN-099LBSCR Type Track Circuit Indicators
image GN-100Water End Telephone 3 Up 10 Down 9-11-1927
image GN-101London Bridge Signalbox exterior
image GN-102Tracks at London Bridge showing Catenary and SR EMUS
image GN-103West Croydon Station Frontage
image GN-104Victoria Station Road Approach
image GN-105Hand rail Drill for TC Wires
image GN-106Leclanche Cells in Cabinet
image GN-107Gravity Cell, similar to Leclanche
image GN-108Eletric Lever Lock
image GN-109Raven NER Electric Loco 13
image GN-110Met Rly Loco 17 and Train
image GN-111Charing Cross Platform Occupation Chart for Theatre Trains
image GN-112Diagram of Ownership of London to Redhill Line (SER Act 1839)
image GN-113Victoria Platform Working Timetable
image GN-114Diagram of Westinghouse Brake (Shows Engine and Coach)
image GN-115Diagram of SR DC Traction System
image GN-117Drawing of GWR Disc and Crossbar Signals
image GN-118Diagrams of Diamond Crossing Types
image GN-119Chart of Costs for Current Supplied for British Electrification
image GN-120Diagram of Trains London Bridge to Norwood Junction 09.00 - 10.00 (chart shows up trains)
image GN-121Schematic of AC System
image GN-122Drawing of Traction Motor Bogie
image GN-123Traction Motor being fitted to Bogies at Shed
image GN-124Diagram of Electric Train Staff Block Reg 20 - Section Obstructed
image GN-125Westinghouse Brake - Diagram of Triple Value Operation
image GN-126Groombridge Station East Box. Signalbox Diagram
image GN-127Groombridge Station West Box. Signalbox Diagram
image GN-128Groombridge Junction Diagram
image GN-129Chart of Staff Organisation at a Large Terminal station
image GN-130Map showing proposed new road overbridge (the present A236, Roman Way) south of West Croydon Station
image GN-131Newick and Chailey Station looking south, with Down Home Signal in the foreground
image GN-132Wooden Sign. Reduce Speed to 15 Miles Per Hour
image GN-140Last Overhead Wire Train at Victoria
image GN-145Photo of Cannon Street Approach Lines looking South
image GN-146Diagram of Re-Arrangement of London Bridge Lines
image GN-147Diagram of Re-Arrangement of South Bermonsey Station
image GN-148Photo of Victoria Yard, Catenary and Upper Quadrant Signals
image GN-149Tulse Hill Junction showing Catenary
image GN-150Lewisham New Loop, Bridge and and St Johns Signalbox
image GN-151Diagram of New Lewisham Loops
image GN-152Selhurst New EMU Shed and EMU
image GN-153Interior of Selhurst New Shed
image GN-154Orpington New EMU Shed
image GN-155Durnsford Road Power Station and EMU Shed cracked
image GN-156Durnsford Road Power Station interior
image GN-157Greenwich Road Power Station
image GN-158Purley Substation exterior
image GN-159Purley Substation interior and rotary converters
image GN-160Purley Substation interior and switchgear
image GN-161Side View of SR Motor Coach 8448
image GN-162Three quarter view of SR Coach Electric 8203 leading
image GN-1638 Coach Electric Train beside Orpington New Shed with SECR Signal in foreground
image GN-164Diagram of Unit and Train formation
image GN-166Graph of London Traffic Peaks
image GN-167Interior of Cannon Street Station
image GN-169Charing Cross Up Intermediate Home colour light cluster signals, near site of Belvedere Road Signalbox
image GN-170Early Spanish Diesel Loco and Train